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Fix Illustrator on OSX with Java 7

Go to /System/Library/LaunchAgents and move That will remove the “Install Java” dialogue.

cd /System/Library/LaunchAgents
sudo mv /tmp

After that make sure illustrator doesn’t need java by removing the FXGFileFormat plugin. Go to /Applications/Adobe Illustrator CS6/Plug-ins.localized/Illustrator Formats.localized and move FXGFileFormat.aip and FXGFileFormatUI.aip out of the directory. Now restart Illustrator and Voila!

cd /Applications/Adobe Illustrator\ CS6/Plug-ins.localized/Illustrator\ Formats.localized
mv FXGFileFormat* /tmp

Tip: Change the illustrator folder `Adobe Illustrator CS6` to your version. Ony

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