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Apr 9


What do I name this thing?

Every wonder what to name something you are developing.

Everyone comes to a point in your development career when you can’t figure out what to name something? Say you have some method or function that moves something up a stack. There are so many names it could be increment, advance, and move are some options. The cognitive load of thinking about what to name functions verse solving the business logic a real struggle.

I’ve see arguments and debates go on for years related to what to name a variable, or what to call a method. Should the class be a Factory, Manager or maybe its an Aggregator. The amount of time spent coming up with the perfect verbage in development is overwhelming sometimes. Some teams are better than others, but overall you’ll come across the What do I call this? debate on a pull request, a slack channel or even in some type of meeting.

Well, Programmasaurus comes to the rescue. I’m not sure who developed this but its an amazing idea. You type in a name you are thinking about, it comes back with other options that are development related for the name. Now you can be armed with information in your next naming debate.

Also, if you know who developed it, please comment below on their name. Would like to give them some kudos.

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